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Dreams in Wisteria formal dress by PlutonianNight Dreams in Wisteria formal dress by PlutonianNight
Over the past month I've been super busy with designing and making a couple of dresses for a friend's wedding for the bridesmaid and maid of honor to wear.  My idea behind this dress was everything spring so I did something fairy inspired!  The wedding color was lilac (which happens to be one of my favorite colors) so designing this dress was a lot of fun.  Making it however... that's an entirely different story.

The dramu started when Joann's discontinued the most perfect shade of lilac that the bride wanted which made all of us pretty stressed and frantic.  Problems with any color in the color spectrum is that they're often never the same brand to brand so hunting down fabrics in matching colors proved to be impossible in the end.  Luckily, I had some casa crepe in Iris that I'm going to use for another Sheryl Nome cosplay laying around. I just used some of it for the bodice just so it would have a stable base fabric.  Then the chiffon... I got lucky on eBay with that although the crap was expensive per yard (compared to Joann's with a coupon).  And the lining?  Well, the seller on eBay flat out LIED about the shade of purple.  The image looked lilac but it was DARK ROYAL PURPLE.  In addition to that, they lied about what kind of fabric it was... I was expecting crepe like the listing's description but it ended up being this silk de chine stuff... I couldn't bring myself to use that for the base dress so I used it as the lining.  In total... the materials alone ended up being over $100 per dress thanks to Joann's being a bunch of assholes discontinuing the color months beforehand and never replacing it.  That and I didn't have access to the LA Fashion District this season... Fan-friggin-TASTIC.

I went with flowers and butterflies for the motif because those are the first two things I think of when I think of spring.  All the appliques were hand dyed and sewn into the bodice.  I painstakingly glued aurora borealis Preciosa crystals into the centers of the flowers to give off the impression of rainbow colored dew drops.  There's a few on the butterfly as well for a little more "oomph."  The rose bow on the bottom was a white millinery rose that was dyed along with the applique and pinned on.

I think that about covers everything.
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May 6, 2014
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