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Princess of Cocoon by PlutonianNight Princess of Cocoon by PlutonianNight
Well... she is the game's token princess figure... :XD:

Serah was quite the frustrating costume to make since the patterning got on my nerves. I made all of the patterns... argh.

Shirt - made out of a fabric I bought in the LA Fashion District so I'm not too sure what it is. I think it's a type of broadcloth... or shirting? Something like that. The triangular design for the button holes was one of the biggest pains in the butt as was making all the bias tape for it. To me, Serah's shirt doesn't make any sense... so I kinda caught hell while making it. I plan on going back and making armhole facings for a better look since I hemmed it due to a lack of time.

Duster - I really hate working with chiffon but I managed to win a battle with it. It's pink chiffon from Joann's casa collection and has pink satin ribbons in the back--just like Serah's!

Skirt - I really... really hate making pleated skirts. The size of my waist to hips is pretty... weird so it was a challenge to get the waistband and size of the pleats to look flattering on me. I custom printed the fabric (cotton poplin), dyed the lace (rayon) with black RIT dye, and I still need to make a better frontal ornament. I ended up making a very inaccurate one in my hotel room at the last minute out of Wonderflex.

Wig - The wig was bought on eBay from… and I had to do a lot of restyling on it. I really do love this wig since it's a very pretty very "natural" blend of dark pink and brown fibers. It's not shiny at all and is really soft. I ended up frizzing mine up a bit whole re-tying the ponytail but a flat iron made it as good as new! I trimmed the bangs, the sides, and re-curled the ponytail with a curling iron. Best thing about this wig is that it has a parting on the side like Serah's hair!

Bracelet - I made my bracelet out of Swarovski crystals and other glass beads. It's on a faux suede band.

Hair tie - I made it out of Swarovski crystals and other glass beads. It's based on a black hair elastic.

Boots - Bought them from Payless. I painted the white and black parts on with acrylic paint mixed with a textile medium. The shoes laces were dyed black with RIT. I was basing my costume off of the official figurine and some FMV captures and to me it looks more like she's wearing boots rather than Converse-style sneakers because of the heels.

Engagement necklace and earrings - Official Square-Enix products. I'm a collector of their character jewelry and this was the perfect opportunity to use them for a cosplay!

Stockings - A friend bought them for me from I'm quite tall at 5'10 so this was the only place that had stockings long enough!

Armband - I'll have to make that once I figure out how to weave it... right now I'm a little confused.

Stocking garters & diamond - I ran out of time but will make them in the future. I'm going to make the diamond out of resin.

Costume worn and modeled by me :iconplutoniannight:
Photo by my friend Aiya
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August 15, 2013
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